Skin closure at cesarean section

I read with interest the article by Basha et al. Their manuscript has significant implication for patient care and clinical practice; however, absence of the following details questions the validity of their findings.

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    There was a statistically significant difference with higher number of patients with repeat cesarean sections (50% vs 39.5%) and chorioamnionitis (9% vs 4%) in staple group. Since both of these criteria are associated with wound complications, it is important that these parameters are matched or a multivariate analysis done.

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    Additionally, the day of removal of staples is equally important, particularly in patients with previous laparotomy or cesarean section. Previous surgical repair at surgical site is important for approximation of skin.

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    Lastly, incidence of obesity and use of antibiotics and subsequent care of the patients, including length of hospital stay, is also not addressed in these patients.

In the article, which addresses mainly wound closure, it is important that readers are made aware of these issues.

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Jun 5, 2017 | Posted by in GYNECOLOGY | Comments Off on Skin closure at cesarean section
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