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A. Malvasi, D. Baldini (eds.)Pick Up and Oocyte

5. Oocytes Retrieval Theater

Domenico Baldini1  , Domenico Carone2  , Antonino Guglielmino3   and Sandro Gerli4  

Center for Medically Assisted Procreation, MOMO’ fertiLIFE, Bisceglie, Italy

Clinica Eugin, Taranto, Italy

Hera U.M.R. Unit of Reproductive Medicine, Catania, Italy

Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of Perugia, Perugia, Italy



Domenico Baldini (Corresponding author)


Domenico Carone


Antonino Guglielmino


Sandro Gerli


IVF theaterSurgery room oocyte retrievalOocyte retrievalSurgical table for pick up

The oocyte retrieval theater is only a small part of a larger structure that is the center of assisted reproduction.

The assisted fertilization center is a complex structure with many areas that serve very specific purposes.

In this structure, the pathways of patients and operators play a fundamental role [1]. The pathway must be studied according to the dictates of ergonomics [25] (Fig. 5.1).


Fig. 5.1

In this drawing is represented an IVF center and the work flows of patients and staff

Oocyte collection takes place in an environment where all quality and safety standards for human surgery should be guaranteed. This environment is the surgery room [6] (Figs. 5.2 and 5.3).


Fig. 5.2

Schematic representation of the surgery room for oocyte retrieval with gynecologist and anesthesiologist; low ultrasound and aspirator, right respirator, high table servant and sink


Fig. 5.3

Theater of oocyte retrieval

The surgery room, where the oocyte collection is carried out, is preferably connected to the Embryology Laboratory with an access through a window or a door. It should be located with a direct access to the operating room, in order to minimize the thermal stress of transport to the oocytes.

The dressing room must be a separate area but located within the operational theater complex [7, 8].

The area, surgery room where the egg collection takes place must be adequately equipped and include:

  • Surgical bed with the possibility to tilt the patient’s head downwards (Fig. 5.4)

  • Supply of oxygen and the apparatus to deliver oxygen to the patient (Fig. 5.5)

  • Adequate suction equipment (Fig. 5.6)

  • Resuscitation equipment and medications

  • Availability of the electrocardiography and pulse oximeter

  • Availability to specialized equipment necessary for continuous patient care


Fig. 5.4

Surgery room table


Fig. 5.5

Supply of oxygen and the apparatus to deliver oxygen to the patient


Fig. 5.6

Adequate suction equipment

5.1 Structural Requirements

Each state has an own legislation; therefore, the minimum standards for an operating room where oocyte sampling takes place are often different from each other, and, in some cases, there is no constraint.

But if we consider only the minimum optimal criteria for such use, the minimum area required for the operating theater would be 100 square feet (9.29 m2).

This area is necessary to accommodate the basic equipment required for ART operation theater equipment.

5.1.1 Features

  • The surgical light source must be made movable or connected for adequate exposure.

  • The washing area must be attached to the surgery.

  • There should be no sunlight opening in the operating theater.

  • Durable vinyl should be used for the floor with a minimum height of 10 in. (10 cm) at the edges.

  • The interior finishes of the operating theater should be smooth, seamless, and uninterrupted.

  • The operation theater should have a seamless ceiling with lights to prevent particles above the ceiling from having direct access to the area of the operating theater.

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